WhatsApp Plus 2019 (NO BAN)

WhatsApp Plus 2019 ANTI BAN is an application to the well-known program for sending real-time free WhatsApp messages. This application is unofficial, created by the developers of the same messenger. A large percentage of the program code is open, which makes it possible to carry out developments in the field of additional programs and installation plug-ins, which was used by its creators. The set of features of this program depends on the version and model of the smartphone. The download is not always supported by the WhatsApp Plus download service and for some mobile devices, you need to download the installation program in the APK format or a friend that is suitable for it. You can download WhatsApp plus for free directly from the messenger interface by finding the corresponding menu item in the settings.

whatsapp plus 2019
Name WhatsApp Plus APK (NO BAN)
Latest Version 7.81
Updated On 22.07.2019
Size 44 MB
Total Downloads 8.000.000+
Requirement Android 2.3+
Language All Languages

WhatsApp Plus 2019 Features

Those who download WhatsApp Plus 2019 APK or in another format will appreciate the capabilities of the unique program. With it, you can customize the application for personal needs, and in addition, there is the possibility to perform a number of actions that are not available when using the main version of the application. These include:

  • The ability to change themes. Previously this was only possible in the Viber application, the main competitor of WhatsApp
  • Use of transfer and loading of data, while the file can be of any size. In the original version, there was no such possibility
  • Transfer of various kinds of files
  • Increase the duration of the conversation online
  • The ability to send SMS messages in any quantity
  • Possibility invisibility. This allows you to hide from others the time of the last visit and even the existing status
  • Replace standard smiles with others
  • The ability to re-send not all messages for quotations, but only some parts, highlighting only what is important
  • The ability to hide your contact list and your profile picture. In addition, it is possible in WhatsApp Plus 2019 APK to perform some additional types of actions that will allow you to secure your profile and your account.

WP Plus 2019 Conclusion

Downloading WP version Plus on Android is not all that you need to do for comfortable communication. There is a high probability that the application will not be able to start at all, or its operation will not occur properly. After all, it all depends on the version of the installed application. Also, in addition, additional settings may not function on various types of devices. Everything is explained by the fact that the program 'WhatsApp Plus 2019 APK' does not belong to official developments. That is why no technical support can be obtained from official representatives.